Auto Faucet Bot For Freebitcoin And More

What Is Auto Faucet Bot?

Auto Faucet Bot is simply a Chrome browser app extension that automated the claiming of free Bitcoin or Altcoins on faucet sites. This version will support faucet sites like,, and for both BTC and ETH faucets.

Installing Auto Faucet Bot

1. First you will need to sign up for an account for all the faucet sites mentioned on the above paragraph. You will need a FaucetHub microwallet account to generate receiving address for signing up the later 3 faucet sites above.

2. Install the Super Auto Refresh extension from Chrome Web Store. Once the installation is done you will see the icon appear as in the image below.

3. Download the Auto Faucet Bot (Filename 1.1.9_0) and unzip on your desktop with password 3471969.

4. Open the Chrome extension page by following the steps below.

5. Load the Auto Faucet Bot to the Chrome extension.

6. Select the Auto Faucet Bot folder and click OK.

7. Once the Auto Faucet Bot is successfully installed, the following icon will appear on the top right corner of the Chrome browser.

How to Use Auto Faucet Bot

To use the Auto Faucet Bot on the 4 faucet sites, open the faucet claim page of each site and the faucet claims will be made automatically.

Lastly, set the Super Auto Refresh time to 5 minutes for each site.

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