How To Claim Coinpot Token And What You Can Do with Them

how to claim free coinpot token and what you can do with them

If you have been using Coinpot microwallet to store your coins from free faucets, then you should have notice their new feature or launch of their own token – Coinpot Token.

But if you are new to Coinpot, then this is the best time to sign up for an account.

Getting Coinpot token is really easy. There are simply 3 ways you can go about doing it.

Earn Coinpot Token

To earn Coinpot Token, all you have to do is make claim from all the faucet sites that are supported by Coinpot. Each claim you made will earn you 3 Coinpot Tokens and 1 token for each claim made by your referrals.

Mine Coinpot Token

Just like mining Bitcoin and other coins in Coinpot, now you can start mining Coinpot Token as an option.

Win Coinpot Token

Another fun way to get Coinpot Token is to take part in the new Lottery feature that allow you to win a huge amount of Coinpot Tokens. In order to participate, you will have to buy lottery tickets which cost 1 Coinpot Token per ticket.

What Can You Do With Coinpot Token

At the moment, you can convert your Coinpot Token to any other coins available on the website. However there will be more ways to use them like exchanging for gifts/gift card and participate in more games like the lottery.

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