Microwallet is a Cryptocurrency wallet that is usually use for receiving micro-transaction from faucet sites. As transfer fee (miner fee) can get quite expensive at time, having send small amount of Cryptocurrency through blockchain are not always cost effective. With microwallet, faucet sites can instantly send micropayment to their users microwallet account without having to meet a minimum withdrawal cap. And this is done off-chain and internally without incurring any fee. Once accumulated a reasonable amount, the users can upload from their microwallet to the blockchain and send to their own private wallet.

Below are the most commonly used microwallets for faucet sites. Click the logo images to register for an account.

Microwallet Faucet Site Partners
CoinPot Bitfun.co, Bonusbitcoin.co, Moonbitcoin, Moonlitecoin, Moonbitcoin Cash, Moondash, Moondogecoin.
FaucetHub Getfreecoin, Freebitcoinwin, Coinpotwin.